Proof of Signature (PoSign)

PROOF-OF-SIGNATURE is a new consensus method (developed by Borzalom) that utilizes a network of registered STATIC nodes. STATIC nodes must be registered and active in order to participate in consensus. STATIC node registration status is verified using Proof-of-Signature, as all node are registered and known

PoSIGN consensus is achieved through the interactions between a system of real and virtual node networks in constant communication, ensuring precise, rapid, signature-verified transactions. Additional benefits achieved by the ZOLT algorithm include substantially decreased energy consumption, as the consensus algorithm does not require nodes to solve computationally difficult problems to earn transaction fees or create new tokens. The STATIC (Services Transactions and Trusted in Control) node network is the bedrock upon which the XTRABYTES platform is built. STATIC nodes provide security, ensure consensus, and play a large and developing future role in XTRABYTES governance. The virtual VITALS network of nodes utilizes a proprietary network protocol in order to create an enclosed, private network by which online STATIC nodes can directly communicate. Lastly, to ensure STATIC nodes are indeed verifying the correct block as the VITALS network maintains consensus, the PULSE network functions as the central communication transmission system, providing time stamps in order to make block verification simpler across the entire STATIC network. Transactions are verified by a network of what are called STATIC nodes—importantly, each of these nodes must sign off on a transaction before the associated block can be appended to the chain. Should a malicious node repeatedly attempt to compromise the chain, it will be blacklisted automatically.

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  • XBY

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