Delegated Proof of Importance (DPoI)

DPoI consensus algorithm integrates the concepts of EOSIO DPoS with the idea that social interactions naturally generate economic activity between individuals or organizations. The consensus is achieved with the help of delegates. Delegates are elected by the network participants based on the Importance of each voter

The major goal of U◦OS project is to design a consensus algorithm with an individual influence score metric, that facilitates effcient score redistribution, motivates users to participate actively in the network development and prevents centralization. Modern blockchain solutions have problems with scalability, security and effciency, and to solve those problems, U◦OS protocol introduces the DPoI (Delegated Proof of Importance) Consensus Algorithm. This consensus algorithm combines the advantages of DPoS and PoI, and delegates validation rights to a limited number of accounts, based not only on the stake value of the protocol members, but also on the their transactional activity, in order to achieve high levels of effciency and scalability within the network.

The U◦OS consensus algorithm (Delegated Proof-of-Importance, DPoI) is based on the DPoS consensus algorithm [13]. In addition to the individual stake amount, our algorithm also considers incoming financial and social transactions of the user. In the U◦OS Protocol participants have the option of delegating the right to validate blocks to a limited number of accounts through voting, using their personal importance scores, analogous to DPoS.

Unlike DPoS, however, DPoI importance score formula is calculated from three components, namely, the stake amount, financial transfer activity and social activity. This framework is highly flexible since the network can collectively choose not only the weight of contribution of each term in the final importance score, but also decide on how to calculate the transfer and social activity scores, given the structure of economic and social interactions in the system.

A more detailed explanation of the Importance° calculation can be found in section 2.1 of U°OS Yellow Paper.


  • unlike PoW, PoS and DPoS approaches, DPoI ensures a bigger influence over the network to those who have earned approval by the community.

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