Proof of Stake Time (PoST)

A time-accepted periodic proof factor in a nonlinear distributed consensus. Stake-Time as “The coin-age of a transaction or set of transactions in which the Stake-Time is the product of the total coins (C) and the fraction (f) of acceptable age(a)

introducing a nonlinear proof function that defines a fraction of time active and idle, at a given block. Idle-time is defined as the fraction of age that no longer supports the distribution of consensus and instead begins to degrade it. This quantified idle-time is unique to each stake, as It decreases the probability to meet the proof and impacts the fraction of earnable matured interest via consensus. Where the fraction of accepted age (f) is equal to the squared cosine of the product of π and that transactions consensus power (p), defined as the fraction coin-age (g) of the average network wide stake-time weight (n) over 60 blocks (1 hour) [figure 1]. If the consensus-power (p) is greater than 0.45 all age is lost and the Time-active fraction is equal to the minimum stake time (m) of 8 hours

Used in

  • PostCoin

  • Vericoin


  • maintains the efficiencies of Proof-of-Stake

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