High Interest Proof of Stake (HiPoS)

Coin age is used in the calculation for stake weight, but not staking reward. Staking reward is fixed per a schedule. Results in stable, consistent interest for staking wallets as long as down time is minimal and inputs are small. Large input size is harshly punished by HiPOS.

hiPOS is High Interest Proof of Stake. Essentially; a POS system that is a fixed reward rather than a percentage yield; which is awarded out based on luck/coin age/coin weight. hiPOS can be viewed as an extension of POW. Where hiPOS blocks equal the output in terms of coin count as POW blocks - in a short period of time. So a hiPOS coin would say have a total 10M coins; 5M of which are POW over a timespan of 60 Days; and the other 5M are hiPOS minted as POS over an additional 60 Days.

Used in

  • Positron(2015)

  • BitBean (2015)

  • EdgeCoin (EDGE)



  • Great for incentivizing people to hold as developers release more info on their projects

  • allow people with smaller holdings to benefit greatly by simply finding a few blocks at the right time.

Proof of Identity (PoI)

Proof of Identity (PoI) is a cryptographic evidence (piece of data) which tells that any user knows a private key that compares to an authorized identity and cryptographically attached to a specific transaction. Every individual from some group can create a PoF (only a block of data) and present it to anyone for instance to the processing node.

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